Firewood Sales


Our firewood is mainly sourced from within the Arboretum but also from other tree work that our outside maintenance team undertakes for private individuals.

The Logs are well seasoned, having been stored in our farm buildings for 12 months,
and are ready to burn after delivery. Each load is an approximate 50% mix of softwood and hardwood.
Sizes of log varies, we have no problem in supplying logs to all types of log burners and open fires.
You are welcome to come and inspect before you order.
Delivery is in a Ford Transit Tipper and we tip the logs wherever we can conveniently reverse the vehicle to.

Please contact James on;

Mobile - 07967 550342

Home/Office - 01562 850456

Free delivery to Kidderminster, Bewdley, Stourport and Stourbridge
or within a 10 mile radius, £2 per mile there after.

Logs may also be collected from the Arboretum by prior arrangement.

Full Load £240 delivered, approximately 4 cubic metres
Half Load £135 delivered, approximately 2 cubic metres
£95 bucket collected, approximately 1.2 cubic metres
Bulk bag of logs £75 delivered.
Bag net of logs £4.50 collect only

Bagged Logs

This is a convenient way of buying a smaller amount of logs.
Bulk bags include delivery, net of logs are collect only but delivery can be arranged.

Please remember that it is always cheaper to have
a full or half load of logs delivered.

Top log tips -
- Never run out of logs
- Fill your store early - spring, summer? Log prices normally go up in the early Autumn/Winter so you could be warming your house at last years's prices.
- Store logs off the damp ground and under an overhanging roof so allowing a good air flow around and under your logs.

Dry well seasoned logs will -
- Burn better
- Light easier
- Give off more heat
- Will not tar up your chimney
And you will actually burn less logs.

Please remember that logs will reabsorb moisture again during damp wintery conditions.

Mulch Sales (Soil Improver)

Composted tree waste enriches the soil with organic matter. Especially beneficial to the more acid loving plants like Rhododendrons and Azaleas.
Free delivery to Kidderminster, Bewdley, Stourport and Stourbridge or within a 10 mile radius, 2 per mile thereafter.
Full load 150 delivered, approx 2 tons.
Half load 90 delivered, approx 1 ton.

Full load £150